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Free Online Board Management Tools

Free Online Board Management Tools for Small Companies and Startups

Board portals are convenient software that is suitable both for storing files (performs the function of a virtual room) and communicating with an enterprise’s management staff. However, the cost of such services is relatively high; small businesses and startups cannot always afford such programs. Below you will find several options that can be used for […]

Board Reporting Software

What Does Board Reporting Software Do?

Board portals are software designed primarily for holding a board meeting. However, modern software for managers also has many other functions, due to which the capabilities of the programs are very different. Functions Board portals The functionality of Board portals is practically unlimited today; there are a lot of valuable features there. Holding meetings. First […]

Evaluating the CEO

Evaluating the CEO: Criteria and Measures

The success of the enterprise depends on the members of the management team. Therefore, it is essential to be able to assess the effectiveness of their work correctly. The director’s performance indicators are the primary tools in carrying out management procedures for evaluating his performance, during which the results of the director’s performance are compared […]