Free Online Board Management Tools

Free Online Board Management Tools for Small Companies and Startups

Board portals are convenient software that is suitable both for storing files (performs the function of a virtual room) and communicating with an enterprise’s management staff. However, the cost of such services is relatively high; small businesses and startups cannot always afford such programs.

Below you will find several options that can be used for free or for a minimal fee that small businesses and startups can afford.

On board

This handy software will save you forever from the complexities of holding a board meeting. You can schedule appointments (noting the critical points of a future discussion), send messages to prospective meeting participants, hold online meetings, vote, and sign resolutions and minutes using an electronic signature.

Affordable rates make this program convenient enough for small businesses. You can find them on the manufacturer’s website.


The company offers you software for small businesses, startups, and non-profit organizations at the best possible price, from $75 per month. You can try the program for free during the trial period.

You can safely store data, hold board meetings, and organize electronic document management here. These processes greatly simplify the board’s work and give more time for business development and strategic thinking.

Azeus Convene

An intuitive and straightforward program will help make your board meetings fast, comfortable and meaningful. This developer company has been on the market for over 30 years, serving non-profit organizations, small and medium businesses, and banking structures in more than 100 countries worldwide.

Thanks to flexible tariffs, you can choose a version of the program for yourself at the lowest price, the payment of which will not financially hamper your business.


The software is ideal for managers who want complex functionality at a flexible and low cost. The price of the program varies depending on what functionality you choose for yourself.

The advantage of the program is that you get the finished product straight out of the box. Just install the software and start using it. As a result, almost all company employees are trained in just a few days.


The program is aimed primarily at the board of directors and already offers additional features, such as storing files in a virtual data room. Complete security of your meetings and every document generated during the session are the key benefits of the Govenda program.

In addition, it is pretty inexpensive and can be afforded by startups and small businesses.


This program combines all the critical features for holding a board meeting, impeccable data protection, document collaboration, real-time file sharing, and many other features.

On the developer’s website, you can learn more about the price. However, it is pretty affordable for small businesses and startups.


A simple, secure, and most importantly, an inexpensive platform that allows the board of directors of even a small company to always stay in touch. There are many convenient features here, such as sharing, the ability to sign in from any device, a quick meeting launch, and so on.